To take our product to the next level our executive management team prioritized and approved a project to substantially improve our system performance by making a platform change. This project was set to be a multi-million dollar investment to change our back-end data storage solution to one that would offer the scalability and performance we were looking to achieve. To ensure this was the right investment we reached out to Wes to evaluate the scope of the project. In a very short time he was able to help us develop a prototype that addressed our performance needs without the need for a platform change.

Instead of relying on new architecture to provide the performance we were looking for, Wes showed us a path to substantially optimize our code without the need to change platforms. Wes then worked with a single developer in a code advisory role to transform the prototype into production code. This project was done in less than a 10th of the time we had originally planned and exceeded the performance gains we were hoping for. Our original goal was to make our software 10 times faster. With Wes’ direction our product is 23 times faster and already in production.

This change has made a significant impact on our client base, as they are able to access results to complex calculation models in less than an hour where they used to have to wait on average 8 hours for the those same results. We exceeded our goals, optimized our client satisfaction, solidified our place as the market leader and saved millions of dollars due to the project scope reduction thanks to Wes’ experience, dedication and guidance.

Ryan Maloney
Vice President of Software Engineering

Wes was excellent to work with. He was energetic, intelligent and determined to fulfill his goals with integrity. While on the project, he built good relationship with others in the team within a short period of time - it felt like he was part of the team for years. When handed tasks big or small, we were assured that they would be completed in a systematic and precise way. He is a forward thinking professional with great interpersonal skills any challenging project could benefit from.
Arun Vijayakumar
Wes was a very quick starter with our project. Our application was a complex system requiring lots of product knowledge. I really liked that Wes was able to get setup with the application and run it at scale very quickly. He is very proactive, understands the situation and environment very well, which is very important for the consultant role. He never hesitates to try a new technology, shows passion and commitment on the job. He is very friendly and can work with a range of people and levels, starting with junior engineers to senior management teams. I also like the way he presents analysis and next steps backed by lots of data and facts.
Murali Gurumoorthu
I worked with Wes on a very complex CI project where our main challenge was scaling as well as expansive requirements that were coming from various sources. The project required understanding requirements from various stakeholders, coming up with a design and building a prototype to prove the concept.
At each stage Wes demonstrated professionalism and technical excellence in making tangible progress. Wes also helped us build a plan for the project with clear criteria defined for success of each stage that helped us stay focused as well as avoid any communication gaps.
His ability to jump into unknown areas and carve out useful information often helped us progress despite various technical & non technical challenges. His work in the project helped us identify several unknowns and also introduced us to technologies that we could leverage as we work on the next stage of the project. In short – Wes ticks all the boxes – professional, easy to work with and technically sound that would be a useful addition to any project regardless of the size or the complexity.
Rutvik Shah
We have used Wes on two separate projects. Initially Wes took the time to understand our Organization, our Vision and our Mission Statement. He did an excellent job Collaborating with our team, he took the time to listen to our issues/problems and then presented options he felt would work. He took the time to Connect with our Organzation. One issue resulted in a short term solution and the other solution we have be using for over two years now. His ability to translate technical jargon into user terminology is tops in my mind. Wes is dedicated and committed to help.
Darrell Sievert
Vice President – Information Technology
Tabitha Health Care Services
Wes quickly brought us to the "ah-ha!" moment ... We couldn't be happier.
Bill French
Here at JetBrains, Wes Higbee has been a valuable partner. We have utilized his technical and consultive expertise to help our customers along in their decisions regarding software delivery, as well as he has provided some world class materials for our needs. He does a great job interfacing with customers and has a unique skill of distilling what are very complex technical problems into understandable segments. Highly recommended!
Brian Noll
co-VP of Sales
I've known Wes for years. He has a rural background and is grounded person with a great work ethic. The combination of his knowledge of agriculture and his amazing understanding of technology work in my favor as a client in my business. He also has the ability to work with and coach the people from my other technology suppliers to coordinate large software projects. He truly looks out for what is best for me. It's refreshing to work with someone who is so passionate about his work - and mine.
Michael J. Tvrdy
The Michaels Group. LTD.
Wes’ application development allowed us to increase our weekly capacity by 125 patients and cut the total time, with more patients, by 60%.
I would highly recommend Wes to any individual, business, company, or organization who is looking for an attentive, engaged, effective, organized, educated, and highly competent individual to work with.
Joseph Caverzagie
Informatics Administrator
Working with Wes has been a pleasure, not only because of his great technical skills, but also because we share the same values when it comes to delivering software that works in production. We are already looking forward to working again with Wes!
Patrick Smacchia
Without a doubt Wes is one of the most knowledgeable and passionate speakers that has presented to our group. He is excellent at not just explaining how to use a technology or process, but more importantly why you should use it. Wes is clear and concise and manages to pack a lot of very good information into the time he has. He is always well-prepared and I can't recommend him highly enough.
Kenneth Versaw
Wes is by far the most passionate speaker you'll hear at the .Net UG. He's a blast to listen to.
Matt Ruwe
I go to a lot of meet ups while hearing people speak. I thought you articulated the material well. The fact you had a plan of material to cover was pretty awesome. Having an open Q&A during the presentation was key. So many people will hold to their question and not listen further until they have their question(s) presented. Having this interaction during your presentation allowed people with questions to remain engaged through out.
Chris Alexander
Recruiting Manager
Wes has delivered technical presentations to both the Lincoln .NET Users Group and Nebraska Code Camp on multiple occasions. As the leader both of those, I wholeheartedly and passionately recommend him as a truly top-notch developer speaker. His presentations are always among the highest rated at the code camp, and positively talked about among user group members. It’s hard to find good developer speakers – you never know what you’re going to get. With Wes, I always knew I was getting a thoroughly researched and polished session from someone ruthlessly competent on the topic presented. There are few people who are both great developer and great speakers, but Wes is without a doubt one of them. If given the opportunity, I sincerely believe Wes could become a very hot commodity in the regional and national technical speaking circuit.
Adam Barney
Wes's presentations do not disappoint. He speaks about interesting topics, is a great presenter, comes prepared and most importantly is very knowledgeable on his topics.
Brian Olson
I wanted to thank you again for the excellent presentation on you gave last Thursday. I greatly appreciate the extra time and advice that you provided during our discussion after the presentation. You shared valuable insights that will help a Team Lead and I motivate our team to implement Automated Testing.
Spencer Brown
Senior Manager
Atlas Air
Wes is a very passionate and convincing presenter. Our group members like his energy in presenting. Everyone felt engaged till the end of his session.
Rajapadmanaban Narayanaswamy