How I define integrity:
  1. The best way for me to grow is to help you grow.
  2. Successful customers lead to sustainable business.
    • Therefore, I will only engage in work that I know will make you successful.
    • You will be wildly successful if you work with me.
  3. Mediocrity is everywhere in business. Mediocre projects cost more than they are worth or break even in a best case scenario.
    • I don’t believe in doing mediocre business and I won’t engage in mediocre projects.
  4. The only way to do the right thing is to know what the right thing is before we start.
    • This requires that I comprehend what your desired outcome is and that I comprehend what makes it valuable to you.
    • I will always help you enumerate and maximize the value of our work together.
    • I will never take on work if I can’t help you achieve your desired outcome.
    • I will always make sure I understand this before I propose my involvement.
    • I will adapt my involvement to what it takes to help us be successful.
  5. I stand behind my work.
    • I will always offer you a 100% money back guarantee if you aren’t thrilled with my work.
  6. I believe business is a partnership.
    • I will have your back every step of the journey together.
  7. Pricing is essential to effective business.
    • I will never charge more for an engagement than what it’s worth.
    • I want you to have a 10 to 1 return or better.
    • I expect to be compensated for the results I help create, not the amount of time I expend.
    • I will come up with a price that is a fraction of what it’s worth to you.
  8. Billing by the hour is unethical because it creates an adversarial relationship.
    • I don’t want you worrying about a billable clock running and how to reduce my involvement.
    • It will steal attention from the desired outcome.
    • I don’t want to waste time tracking time, I want to spend time making you successful.
    • I will never charge by the hour, day, week, month, etc, because I want you and I to focus 100% on the outcome.
  9. Charging a fixed price upfront, based on specifications is also unethical.
    • Specifications are a detailed plan of action.
    • A fixed set of specifications is no guarantee of your success in achieving your desired outcome.
    • Specifications tie our hands, we can’t adapt to what we learn as we go.
    • There’s no margin in my price to adapt to the unknown. Most projects have a substantial amount of unknown risk. No risk, no reward. No risk means a project likely has no reward.
    • I will never charge a fixed amount based on a set of specifications.