Coaching, to me, is about helping you set and attain goals quickly. It's usually geared toward individual improvements but can work for a team too.The following are some ways I've helped people in the past. Anything on my consulting page would also apply.

Think back to a time you had a problem with your cellphone. Or, another service that you rely upon a company to provide. When you called customer service for help, what was the experience like?

Chances are it was frustrating, perhaps because nobody took responsibility to see your problem through to resolution. You had to follow up repeatedly to resolve your problem. Now, think of the time when you had the exact opposite experience. Imagine you have trouble with your cellphone, and assuming you can still receive calls, imagine if a customer service representative called you to tell you they noticed the problems and that they'd like to help you resolve them. And imagine they took full responsibility until you were once again, happy as a clam.

There's a spectrum in management, with two opposing styles. One end necessitates following up repeatedly. The other end, you just know people have your back, you can focus on your responsibilities because you're taken care of. And you take care of those that you depend upon.

Unlike your cellphone provider, where you land on the spectrum is entirely up to you as a manager. Which end would you like to be on?

Managing Yourself

Would you like to: boost your productivity, make better decisions, better manage your time and set priorities, change your behavior in specific situations, or learn something new but can't quite find a way to remain committed?


Are you apprehensive about giving feedback to others? Do you dread annual performance reviews? Do you let opportunities for growth pass by? Have you ever given feedback that wasn't received well? Would you like to feel confident your feedback is helping? Would you like to give feedback that's well received? Would you like to learn to receive feedback well, to grow yourself?


Does learning seem stressful? Don't know where to begin? Does learning feel like a never ending endeavor, perhaps out of reach? Do you feel like you never have the time? What if you could double or triple your pace of learning? What if you had a sense of control and could come to a point where you trust you know enough in one area to move to another? Would you like to develop a process to find trusted resources? Would you like to develop your own standards to avoid endless perfection and overcome the inevitable hesitation to act?

Conflict Resolution

Are there topics that you feel are off limits to discuss? Topics that are impeding progress? Would you like a bullet proof approach to addressing conflict and resolving it for good?

Speaking and Interviews

Would you like to improve presentations--both public and private? Do you find the process overly laborious, nerve racking, unpredictable, unorganized, etc? Do you pass up opportunities because of the burden? Do you feel nervous?

Are you not sure how to prepare for interviews? Would you like to learn how to interview others? What could you accomplish with greater confidence in speaking and being interviewed?

Educational Course Development

Are you developing educational materials? Do you find the process time consuming? Would you like to create content tailored to improving your audience? Would you like to make marked improvements in preparation, writing, or recording (both audio and video)?


Would you like: To share your knowledge in a written format? Are there substantial opportunities you pass up because you just don't enjoy writing? Would you like to expedite the process and avoid endless revisions? What if writing was as easy as having a conversation--assuming you don't hate having conversations?!

Software Development

Would you like: more confidence in the software you create, to eliminate unnecessary development, to create more value for the organization, or to better communicate with everyone involved?

This is a fantastic course. I love the focus on delivering business value. I'll definitely be checking out your other courses! Thank you!
Jason Pollard
I go to a lot of meet ups while hearing people speak. I thought you articulated the material well. The fact you had a plan of material to cover was pretty awesome. Having an open Q&A during the presentation was key. So many people will hold to their question and not listen further until they have their question(s) presented. Having this interaction during your presentation allowed people with questions to remain engaged through out.
Chris Alexander
Recruiting Manager
Wes quickly brought us to the "ah-ha!" moment ... We couldn't be happier.
Bill French
Hi Wes, thanks for this course. It was really well made and a pleasure to watch.
Richard O'Neil
Without a doubt Wes is one of the most knowledgeable and passionate speakers that has presented to our group. He is excellent at not just explaining how to use a technology or process, but more importantly why you should use it. Wes is clear and concise and manages to pack a lot of very good information into the time he has. He is always well-prepared and I can't recommend him highly enough.
Kenneth Versaw