Consulting, to me, is about helping you achieve remarkable results. How can I help you and your organization be more effective and productive?The following are ways we can work together, these are just a few ways I've helped people in the past. I've also included some of my articles to help you get started.
Management Development

Management is a noble profession and like any profession, it's something you can continually improve. At the heart of management is understanding how people work individually and collectively. And, tapping the potential of a group of people to accomplish more together than they could individually, as well as knowing when individual work is best for a given situation.

Customers Like Family

In an era where many companies are on a race to the bottom to offer the cheapest product and service, you can stand out simply by focusing on making customers feel like family. If you legitimatley have their interests in mind and want to help them be successful, not only will your customers be wildly successful, you will be too. And you'll feel good about it, instead of feeling lousy trying to push volume of sales.

Employee Development

The people within your organization are investors in your organization. Wise investments in the people around you leads to greater capabilities, fulfillment and bi-directional loyalty. The first step in creating your desired future is to develop the people that will be a part of it.


Organizations don't exist merely to consume resources and produce waste, they exist to create what does not yet exist. This requires having a vision for what you want to become. Having a vision gives you the ability to create a strategy that becomes a framework to guide you toward your desired future. Because if you're not shaping your future, there are many external forces that will shape it for you.

Improvement and Innovation

Both improvement and innovation are necessary in the evolution of any organization. And while I group them together, they are actually quite different. Both involve change, but improvement is an interation of what your business currently does. Whereas innovation is change, guided by your strategy, to become what you want to be in the future. Fortunately, both improvement and innovation involve teachable skills, and along with the right environment, lead to rapid success.

Knowledge Dissemination & Learning

Knowledge is the primarly fuel of modern business. It's easy to drown in the sea of data and information available to us, especially with the advent of the internet. It's also easy to lose track of what is known, even within your organization. Having simple processes in place can ensure that pockets of information disseminate throughout the rest of the organization. And, can dissmeniate beyond the organization: to customers, communities, and other organizations.

Custom Software

Software is an intricate part of business, but it's important to remember that it is a means to an end. Part of that appreciation is recognizing when the unique opportunity exists to leverage software to accomplish something you couldn't before. In some of these situations it makes sense to leverage customized software, tailored to your needs. Managing this, like managing anything, requires the appropriate expertise.

I worked with Wes on a very complex CI project where our main challenge was scaling as well as expansive requirements that were coming from various sources. The project required understanding requirements from various stakeholders, coming up with a design and building a prototype to prove the concept.
At each stage Wes demonstrated professionalism and technical excellence in making tangible progress. Wes also helped us build a plan for the project with clear criteria defined for success of each stage that helped us stay focused as well as avoid any communication gaps.
His ability to jump into unknown areas and carve out useful information often helped us progress despite various technical & non technical challenges. His work in the project helped us identify several unknowns and also introduced us to technologies that we could leverage as we work on the next stage of the project. In short – Wes ticks all the boxes – professional, easy to work with and technically sound that would be a useful addition to any project regardless of the size or the complexity.
Rutvik Shah
We have used Wes on two separate projects. Initially Wes took the time to understand our Organization, our Vision and our Mission Statement. He did an excellent job Collaborating with our team, he took the time to listen to our issues/problems and then presented options he felt would work. He took the time to Connect with our Organzation. One issue resulted in a short term solution and the other solution we have be using for over two years now. His ability to translate technical jargon into user terminology is tops in my mind. Wes is dedicated and committed to help.
Darrell Sievert
Vice President – Information Technology
Tabitha Health Care Services
Working with Wes has been a pleasure, not only because of his great technical skills, but also because we share the same values when it comes to delivering software that works in production. We are already looking forward to working again with Wes!
Patrick Smacchia
Wes quickly brought us to the "ah-ha!" moment ... We couldn't be happier.
Bill French