Pro bono Speaking

Every month I speak at least once, it's a great way for me to give back and a great way to meet people I can help.

I'm located in New York City and I'm happy to travel to nearby cities. If you know of groups, organizations, clubs, etc that are in need of speakers, and could avail themselves of the value I can provide, I’d be honored if you would introduce me.

My focus is organizational development, for example:

  • boosting productivity
  • developing mutually beneficial relationships with customers
  • making today’s business effective
  • planning for what one's business will be in the future
  • hiring and developing individuals for present and future needs
  • empowering individuals to self-motivate and self-manage to maximize their contribution
  • fostering an environment of on-going, directed improvement
  • give and take - how to leverage feedback to help, not hurt

I prefer to work with each group individually to tailor presentations to their needs, what's of interest to their audience.

Speaking Testimonials

Without a doubt Wes is one of the most knowledgeable and passionate speakers that has presented to our group. He is excellent at not just explaining how to use a technology or process, but more importantly why you should use it. Wes is clear and concise and manages to pack a lot of very good information into the time he has. He is always well-prepared and I can't recommend him highly enough.
Kenneth Versaw
I go to a lot of meet ups while hearing people speak. I thought you articulated the material well. The fact you had a plan of material to cover was pretty awesome. Having an open Q&A during the presentation was key. So many people will hold to their question and not listen further until they have their question(s) presented. Having this interaction during your presentation allowed people with questions to remain engaged through out.
Chris Alexander
Recruiting Manager
Wes's presentations do not disappoint. He speaks about interesting topics, is a great presenter, comes prepared and most importantly is very knowledgeable on his topics.
Brian Olson
I wanted to thank you again for the excellent presentation on you gave last Thursday. I greatly appreciate the extra time and advice that you provided during our discussion after the presentation. You shared valuable insights that will help a Team Lead and I motivate our team to implement Automated Testing.
Spencer Brown
Senior Manager
Atlas Air
Wes is a very passionate and convincing presenter. Our group members like his energy in presenting. Everyone felt engaged till the end of his session.
Rajapadmanaban Narayanaswamy