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Typical Customer Results

  1. Create a sustainable business model that aligns customer interests with organizational interests, and organizational interests with individual interests
  2. Free up time to invest in the future, and set strategy to create your desired future
  3. Avoid letting external forces implicitly shape your organization
  4. Race to the top (quality), instead of racing to the bottom (price)
  5. Make your customers feel like they are part of your family
  6. Increase retention and satisfaction of individuals in your organization
  7. Tap the potential of employees as investors, not resources
  8. Effectively manage and lead individuals
  9. Foster a culture of improvement and innovation
  10. Connect and collaborate with individuals and organizations outside your organization
  11. Effectively share knowledge within, and outside of, your organization
  12. Eliminate unnecessary work

To take our product to the next level our executive management team prioritized and approved a project to substantially improve our system performance by making a platform change. This project was set to be a multi-million dollar investment to change our back-end data storage solution to one that would offer the scalability and performance we were looking to achieve. To ensure this was the right investment we reached out to Wes to evaluate the scope of the project. In a very short time he was able to help us develop a prototype that addressed our performance needs without the need for a platform change.

Instead of relying on new architecture to provide the performance we were looking for, Wes showed us a path to substantially optimize our code without the need to change platforms. Wes then worked with a single developer in a code advisory role to transform the prototype into production code. This project was done in less than a 10th of the time we had originally planned and exceeded the performance gains we were hoping for. Our original goal was to make our software 10 times faster. With Wes’ direction our product is 23 times faster and already in production.

This change has made a significant impact on our client base, as they are able to access results to complex calculation models in less than an hour where they used to have to wait on average 8 hours for the those same results. We exceeded our goals, optimized our client satisfaction, solidified our place as the market leader and saved millions of dollars due to the project scope reduction thanks to Wes’ experience, dedication and guidance.

Ryan Maloney
Vice President of Software Engineering

Wes was excellent to work with. He was energetic, intelligent and determined to fulfill his goals with integrity. While on the project, he built good relationship with others in the team within a short period of time - it felt like he was part of the team for years. When handed tasks big or small, we were assured that they would be completed in a systematic and precise way. He is a forward thinking professional with great interpersonal skills any challenging project could benefit from.
Arun Vijayakumar
Here at JetBrains, Wes Higbee has been a valuable partner. We have utilized his technical and consultive expertise to help our customers along in their decisions regarding software delivery, as well as he has provided some world class materials for our needs. He does a great job interfacing with customers and has a unique skill of distilling what are very complex technical problems into understandable segments. Highly recommended!
Brian Noll
co-VP of Sales