What did you say?! A new way to look at Feedback.

Is your feedback actually helpful? Feedback is double-edged sword. It's a great way to build people up, but, it's much more likely to inadvertently pull people down. It all starts with an understanding of the surprising nature of the origin of feedback. An origin that affords a new, productive way to look at feedback!

  • Are you a manager that wants to foster an environment of productive feedback?
  • Is feedback a part of your job?
  • Are you apprehensive about giving other people feedback?
  • Do you let opportunities for growth pass by?
  • Do you hate the sinking feeling when someone approaches you with feedback?

Join in on this recording for a fresh perspective on feedback. Here is what you'll get out of the experience:

  • How to feel good about the feedback you give. Certainty that you're helping, not hurting.
  • How your feedback shapes you as much as the person you give it to.
  • What you should give feedback about and what you shouldn't.
  • Awareness of destructive feedback so you can avoid giving it.
  • How to defuse difficult situations.
  • How to receive feedback and how to prepare others to receive feedback.
  • Feedback that doesn't fall on deaf ears.
  • And most important, the capability to improve those around you.

The presentation will provide you with the background necessary to understand the principles behind giving feedback. And then these principles will be distilled into simple habits --which you can quickly develop--to make giving productive feedback second nature.

$100, format: audio recording