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Typical Customer Results

  1. Create a sustainable business model that aligns customer interests with organizational interests, and organizational interests with individual interests
  2. Free up time to invest in the future, and set strategy to create your desired future
  3. Avoid letting external forces implicitly shape your organization
  4. Race to the top (quality), instead of racing to the bottom (price)
  5. Make your customers feel like they are part of your family
  6. Increase retention and satisfaction of individuals in your organization
  7. Tap the potential of employees as investors, not resources
  8. Effectively manage and lead individuals
  9. Foster a culture of improvement and innovation
  10. Connect and collaborate with individuals and organizations outside your organization
  11. Effectively share knowledge within, and outside of, your organization
  12. Eliminate unnecessary work

I worked with Wes on a very complex CI project where our main challenge was scaling as well as expansive requirements that were coming from various sources. The project required understanding requirements from various stakeholders, coming up with a design and building a prototype to prove the concept.
At each stage Wes demonstrated professionalism and technical excellence in making tangible progress. Wes also helped us build a plan for the project with clear criteria defined for success of each stage that helped us stay focused as well as avoid any communication gaps.
His ability to jump into unknown areas and carve out useful information often helped us progress despite various technical & non technical challenges. His work in the project helped us identify several unknowns and also introduced us to technologies that we could leverage as we work on the next stage of the project. In short – Wes ticks all the boxes – professional, easy to work with and technically sound that would be a useful addition to any project regardless of the size or the complexity.
Rutvik Shah
Here at JetBrains, Wes Higbee has been a valuable partner. We have utilized his technical and consultive expertise to help our customers along in their decisions regarding software delivery, as well as he has provided some world class materials for our needs. He does a great job interfacing with customers and has a unique skill of distilling what are very complex technical problems into understandable segments. Highly recommended!
Brian Noll
co-VP of Sales
We have used Wes on two separate projects. Initially Wes took the time to understand our Organization, our Vision and our Mission Statement. He did an excellent job Collaborating with our team, he took the time to listen to our issues/problems and then presented options he felt would work. He took the time to Connect with our Organzation. One issue resulted in a short term solution and the other solution we have be using for over two years now. His ability to translate technical jargon into user terminology is tops in my mind. Wes is dedicated and committed to help.
Darrell Sievert
Vice President – Information Technology
Tabitha Health Care Services