Reasoning About Asynchronous JavaScript:

I learned a lot from your course today! I had not yet been exposed to web workers or asynchronous debugging (and how to infer differences in stack traces). So, because of you, I'm a more knowledgeable developer at the end of this day. Thank you Wes!

I had seen your excellent course on Wallaby. This course is great and gave me more insight into Asynchronous JS. Thank you for both of the courses. I look forward to your next course.

Awesome analogies Wes. Enjoying it a lot ... You have the skill to explain things in a clear and concise manner. Leaving nothing to guess work.

After watching this course, now I can reason about JavaScript Asynchronicity with full of confidence. Thank you Wes.

Great course. I love how you related the core principles to everyday events. The mnemonics were useful.

Thanks! I thought I knew JS well but apparently I'm wrong yet again.

Great intro course. Looking forward to your next course.

Using the MongoDB C# v2 Driver

Thank you for the great course! it is really amazing.

Hi Wes, thanks for another great course! Can't wait to see what's next!

Excellent stuff that is what I needed...

Modern, Modular JavaScript with SystemJS and jspm

Gem of a course!

Thanks for a great course on what I think is a hugely important topic.

Great Course. It's really helping me get my head around the intricacies of system.js and the issues surrounding modules.

Fantastic course! You have done a great job explaining the complex subject of JavaScript modules and the different loader formats and frameworks.

Boom! Great course Wes, you covered everything I needed to know about modules and module loaders.

Absolutely wonderful, well-produced and insightful course! Demystified a lot of the issues we had... Wes does a fantastic job breaking down the lessons into meaningful, bite-sized bits.

I am really enjoying this course as now I fully understand the meanings and relationships of ES6 Module Loader, SystemJS, and jspm and how they can be used together.